The Independence Memorial Museum

I recently paid a visit to the Independence Memorial Museum, situated right between the Christus Kirche and the Alte Feste Museum on Robert Mugabe Avenue and thought I would share my thoughts and experiences of this Windhoek – based attraction.

The museum was inaugurated on the 21st of March 2014 to commemorate Namibia’s 24th independence and focuses on the anti – colonial resistance and national liberation struggle of Namibia.

The outside of the building has a very unique and interesting design, with a statue of Namibia’s founding president, Sam Nujoma standing guard in front of the museum.


Three of the four floors that the museum is divided into each depicts a different theme and time of the road leading to Namibia’s independence.  I was very impressed with the artwork and the paintings, as it was beautifully done and so accurately captured the struggles of the Namibian people when they fought for their independence.

(Some of the paintings and artwork that can be found at the museum)

My favorite part of the museum definitely has to be the fourth floor, which features a restaurant with amazing views of the city.  I went during the day, but will definitely have to return during the night time to see the view, which I bet is even more spectacular.


I do however wish they had local guides who knew about the history of Namibia and could incorporate little stories about the past to make it a little more interesting and fun, especially for children who don’t really care to read the little descriptions placed all around the museum.  Also, not everyone knows the history of Namibia, and the guides would be better able to give a bit of a background on the exhibits displayed.

The amazing artwork and paintings, breathtaking views from the fourth floor and the fact that it is entirely free to visit however definitely make it worth the visit, so be sure to check it out!

Until next time

xoxo Lilanie


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