Mini Beauty and Book Haul


I recently purchased a few items and thought I would share it with you by doing a mini beauty and book haul post.  I will share my thoughts so far on the items purchased, I haven’t had any of the items for long, so it won’t be as detailed as I would like it to be.

I’ll start with the purchases I’m most excited about: my two new reads!!  The first is Sushi for beginners by Marian Keyes…whenever I find something by Marian Keyes my heart does a little dance, I absolutely love her work and she has in this short time become one of my favorite authors.  My aim is to read all of her books by the end of the year and with this purchase I already have three down and 14 more to go.  The second is All for you by Sheila O’Flanagan… this is the first book I’ve read by this author, so I don’t really know what to expect, but the cover looks promising (yes, I am one of those people that judges a book by its cover) and I saw that she has a range of other books as well, so I thought I’d deviate from the authors I usually opt for (Yay! Look at me being all adventurous!)

The next bunch of stuff I bought is some skincare goodies!  My grandma has for a while been telling me to try the Pond’s products and I finally gave it a go.  The result: I’m in love (listen to your grandma kids, she always knows best).  As I mentioned previously, I haven’t been using it for a long time, but I absolutely love the way the Pond’s Facewash and the Clearing Gel have been making my face feel.  Another beauty product is the Young Solutions Triple Take (3 in 1 – Cleanser, Mask and Scrub) The thing that has me most excited about this product is the “Ultra Cleansing Charcoal” part, as charcoal masks are said to draw bacteria, dirt, chemicals, poisons and other impurities from the skin.  Although this product is a 3 in 1, I will for the most part be using it as a mask.

I bought all of the products at a Clicks store and all of the prices of the items are listed below: (P.S I can’t remember what I paid for these products and I lost the receipt, but these are the prices that are listed on their website.)

  • Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash (87ml) – R 41.95
  • Pond’s Pimple Clear Expert – Clearing Gel (18ml) – R 35.95
  • Young Solution Triple Take (100 ml) – R 73.95
  • Pond’s Lasting Oil Control Vanishing Cream (50ml) – R 26.95
  • Pond’s (Flawless Radiance) Even Tone Toner (150 ml) – R 63.95

That’s all for now…until next time!

xoxo Lilanie




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