Winter Outfit Look 1

For this post I thought I would share a casual winter outfit idea with you guys.  I love the grey and white color combination for winter, because it creates a softer tone for the winter and is a nice alternative to the typical dark colors you usually find in winter outfits.  The leather jacket also adds a bit of edginess to the outfit.




This look is very simple and casual and I would probably wear it to go see a movie or do some shopping.  Can we also just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of those flowers featuring in my background, I have no idea what they are called, but we’re in winter at the moment and they still seem to be in full bloom (they probably didn’t get the memo).

Outfit details:

  • Grey and white striped sweater – Mr Price
  • Black leather jacket – Legit
  • Grey denim jeans – Legit
  • Converse sneakers – Converse store


For makeup I did a simple smokey eye look, with a pink lip color, which is featured in the outfit looks, but I thought this maroon lip color featured in the pictures below would also work really well with the whole look.



But that’s all for today…until next time

xoxo Lilanie


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