Taming my mane

Natural hair update – 9 months

I am absolutely no natural hair expert whatsoever, but I thought I would share my natural hair journey with you guys and share with you what my experience has been so far.  As, you have probably seen by my title, I have only been natural for about 9 months now, so I am still in that awkward phase of going natural, commonly known as the transitioning period.

My hair has always been relaxed for as long as I can remember and I do not blame my mother at all, because I hated all things hair when I was little, I would throw major tantrums when anybody would dare to come near my hair with a brush or comb – my mother described my hair as being long and thick, which made it that more difficult to tame my mane.  I remember once when my mom was preparing to comb through my hair when I made a run for it, they literally had to chase me around, before I surrendered into having my hair done.  Relaxers simply made the process a whole lot easier.

I started relaxing my hair more often when I finished high school and then started using hair irons as well, which left my hair pretty messed up.  It would be good for a while and then after a while you would start to notice the damage – hair breakage, thin hair, you name it.   I noticed that my hair also just seemed to grow till a certain length.

Last year September I finally made the decision to go natural, because I saw how absolutely beautiful your hair could look once you stopped damaging it.  Those Instagram accounts with the beautiful thick natural curls were my motivation and I decided that, that was what I wanted.   I haven’t relaxed my hair ever since and I don’t think I ever will.  I haven’t big chopped my hair yet,I’m still waiting for it to grow to the length where I feel I would be comfortable to wear it natural before I decide to go for it.

It is however not an easy process at all.  Patience is the number one ingredient you need when going natural – lots and lots of it! You need to give your hair time to get back to its natural state and to ensure that the damage you did over all those years is fixed.   I have compiled a list of hair struggles I have been going through during my transition period and I’m sure a lot of naturals can relate to this:

  • Absolutely hating wash day – There’s just so much more to the process than usual. You literally spend hours washing, conditioning, detangling and then putting it in flexi rods; Bantu knots, twists or whatever else style. Oh and don’t get me started on the many products that need to be applied.


  • Having to physically and mentally prepare yourself for the detangling process – how can hair have so many knots?? And then getting a mini panic attack when you notice the amount of shed hair during the detangling process.


  • Feeling like you’re doing it all wrong because hair naturals on YouTube seem to have it all together – using God only knows how many products, talking about hair types (4c? 3b?) and hair porosity (hair what now??) and you start breaking your head trying to figure out what hair type you are and if it really matters at all.
  • People asking what you did to your hair – I started taking care of it that’s what happened!


  • Envying girls that have those big natural curls on the internet and wishing that you could skip to that part.
  • Never knowing how your hair is going to turn out, because natural hair is just that unpredictable.


  • Hating humidity that much more!


For those of you thinking to go back, don’t! Think of all the time and effort you have put in already and why you decided to go natural in the first place.  For those of you that have stuck it out – power to the fro!

For the sake of not making this post too long, I will be including my hair care routine, as well as hairstyles I have been loving during my transition period in a separate post.

Until next time…

xoxo Lilanie


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