Liebster Award

I’ve been MIA again and it’s probably going to keep on happening until this semester of Uni is over, because it has just been taking over my life.  I will however try to post whenever I get a chance.  I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by the gorgeous Fadwa from Helloworldbreakoutgirl, a beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger hailing from Cape Town, South Africa.  Do check out her blog, it’s pretty awesome!


Rules of the award:

  • The nominated blogger must acknowledge who has nominated them and also share their links.
  • Answer the 11 questions that they have been asked.
  • Nominate 11 more bloggers whose blog they recommend.
  • Ask 11 questions that they would like those bloggers to answer.
  • Let the bloggers they nominated know that they’ve been nominated.


The Questions:

What make-up hacks changed your life?

Highlighting the inner corners of my eyes has been a lifesaver for those days you feel and look like a zombie.  It helps to open up the eyes and makes the eyes pop.

What inspired you to start blogging?

As cliché as it might sound, I started my blog as a creative outlet, I love being creative and blogging allows me to do exactly that.  The whole process of coming up with new blog posts and being able to share it with others is pretty exciting.

What is your number one Holy Grail makeup item?

At the moment it is the Essence Eyelash Princess Mascara.

Who is your favorite beauty YouTuber?

I have more than one actually, at the moment my favorites include Tess Christine and Kalyn Nicholson.

Any tips on perfecting a cut crease?

I haven’t quite perfected the cut crease just yet, but as soon as I do, you will be the first to hear about it.

What do you feel is the number one mistake newbie bloggers make?

I’m still a newbie blogger myself, seeing that I only started my blog about 4 months ago, but I do feel that when starting out one always tends to compare oneself with other more established bloggers, which I feel is the most common mistake not only newbie bloggers make, but bloggers who have been in the game a while as well.  My advice would be to concentrate on your own blogging journey and remember why you started blogging in the first place, even though it may be hard sometimes to avoid.

Any tips for taking the perfect flat lay picture for beauty reviews?

Pinterest is definitely your friend when trying to get inspiration for flat lay pictures; I also find that adding flowers to flat lay pictures instantly makes it look so much better and prettier.

How long does your daily make-up routine take?

I’d say about 30 minutes, but it also depends on the look I’m going for.  I usually also do it in less time if I’m in a rush.

Unicorn or Mermaid?


What is the number one lesson blogging has taught you?

I’m still in the beginning stages of my blogging journey, but will definitely share during the later stage.

What would you choose in a five product only make up look?

Foundation, lipstick/lip gloss, mascara, eyebrow pencil and a translucent powder


I know that this bends the rules a little bit, but I nominate every one that has not yet been nominated to do the Liebster Award.


My questions are:

  1. What are three words that best describe you?
  2. What is your favorite fashion item at the moment?
  3. What TV series are you currently obsessed with?
  4. Who is your favorite Instagrammer?
  5. Any mantras you live by?
  6. What is your biggest fear?
  7. What are 5 items you simply cannot live without?
  8. Where is the one place you really want to travel to?
  9. How would you describe your fashion style?
  10. What is your favorite spring / summer perfume?
  11. What are your favorite beauty items at the moment?


I really hope you got to know me a little better through the questions answered and that you enjoyed this post.

Thank you for stopping by…until next time!

xoxo Lilanie


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