Spring Glam Makeup Look

Today’s makeup look, as you might already have seen by the title is a spring makeup look.  I love this look, because it is just so darn pretty and I think it works really well with brown eyes, there’s just something about it that makes my eyes pop.  Also, I know I haven’t been posting regularly, but as previously mentioned, school has been keeping me busy and the torture will be ending in November when I’m done with my exams.  I will however try to post as much as I possibly can, but without further ado, here is how you can get this pretty makeup look.

For this look I used the HD Nude Palette and it’s called Shades of Nude 03.


I usually start with my eye makeup first, therefore the first part will consist of the eye makeup look and the second part will cover the full face makeup.

The Eye Makeup

  • I started off by filling in my eyebrows with the Smudge Brow Pencil in the shade Light Brown.
  • I then applied the LA Girl Concealer all over my eyelid to prep my eyes and then set the concealer with some translucent powder.
  • I started off by applying this nude color all over my eyelid as my transition color.
  • I then went over that with this darker pinkish color and focused in the crease as well as extending it upwards.
  • I then applied this brown shade on the outer corners of my eyes.
  • I then went in with an even darker brown and this one has a little bit of a shimmer to it. I also focused this on the outer corners of my eyes.
  • For my eyelids I used this shimmery color and also just placed some of it on the inner corners of my eyes.
  • I then applied the Essence Lash Princess Mascara to my top lashes.
  • After I finished my face makeup, I went back to my eyes and just put a bit of the two brown shades under my lash line and applied mascara to my bottom lashes as well.


The Face Makeup

  1. I started off by priming my face with the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser.
  2. I then applied my foundation and used the L’Oréal True Match Foundation in the shade Sand.
  3. I then went in with my concealer and used the LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealer in the shade Creamy Beige.
  4. To set my foundation I used the Yardley Absolute Translucent Loose Powder.
  5. I then did my contour with the Absolute New York Pro Contour Palette and used the Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder in the shade Light Infusion as my highlighter.
  6. For blush I used the Jordana Blush Powder in the shade Rose Silk.

For my lips I used the LA Colors Lip Liner in this pink shade and topped it off with the Avon Pink Lip Gloss in the shade Rose Splash.






And that concludes this makeup look; I really hope you enjoyed this post.

Until next time!

xoxo Lilanie



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