Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

Hello beautiful people, today I bring you some of the summer essentials that I cannot go without during the summer months and which you will most definitely need as well to survive the warmer months.

  • Sunscreen


This item is definitely the most essential item on this list and which hopefully all of you own already, if you don’t want to end up looking like a red tomato or having a very painful sunburn experience.  As the ozone layer is depleting, it is important to protect your body from the sun’s harmful rays, which sunscreen helps to do, by blocking the harmful rays from penetrating the skin and triggering skin disorders.  Most sunscreens or sunblock are now also waterproof, which means that you can enjoy yourself in the water without worrying about being burned by the sun.

  • Makeup with SPF


A lot of makeup comes with the added SPF these days and I highly recommend picking up one of these babies.  When you’re out and about in the sun all day, you definitely want not only your body, but your face protected as well.  I love the SPF in the makeup idea, as you can still wear your makeup, while at the same time protecting your skin, because I am definitely not a fan of rubbing sunscreen onto my face and looking like Casper the ghost.

  • Waterproof Mascara


When its summer it’s a given that you are going to be sweating, which is why waterproof mascara should be your best friend during the summer months.  It can be used not only when you go to the pool or beach, but also just wearing it as part of your summer makeup.  The waterproof mascara will ensure that you do not have mascara running everywhere and prevent smudging which usually creates darker areas and ultimately makes you look like you belong to some type of raccoon species.

  • Bright Nail polish


I absolutely love bright nail colors for summer because we’re finally out of the dark gloomy winter months and adding that pop of color to your toes or nails really makes a difference in your mood as well.

  • Setting Powder


This is definitely one of those items that I keep with me at all times during summer, because my skin does become oily and sweaty during summer.  The setting powder helps with absorbing excess oils and helps to set your foundation in place and prevent it from sliding off your face during the warmer months.

  • Face Masks


Face masks are an every season essential, but important especially during summer.  Due to the warm weather your skin is more prone to become oily and sweaty resulting in break outs, which can be minimized with the help of face masks.

  • Sunglasses


Not only will these make you look hella stylish, but will protect your eyes from the sun, especially if you have very sensitive eyes like myself.

  • Lip Balm

Skin on your lips is actually much thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face and therefore much more vulnerable to damage by the harmful UV rays.  It is therefore important to not only protect your body, but your lips as well.  These days you can find lip balms and lipsticks that also have the added SPF to ensure that your lips are protected at all times.


But that is it for this post, let me know in the comments what your summer essentials are.

Until next time!

xoxo Lilanie



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