The Elegant Farmstead (30 December 2017)

On the 30th of December we ventured over to the Elegant Farmstead, which is about 85 km from Windhoek and a few km before reaching Okahandja, after which you need to drive for another 26 km to the place.  The road was an absolute mess, with lots of stones making up the gravel road, which resulted in us having to drive very slowly, which made the road to the place seem even longer than it actually is.  And then the worst thing happened, we were driving with a standard size car, which I do not recommend doing, because the road is just terrible as I previously mentioned (the manager of the place said it’s the worst it’s been in a while although the road does get scraped, but because there are a lot of cars using the road, it just ends up a mess), anyways, back to the terrible thing that happened, I am not going to get into technical car terms over here, because cars and their parts are not really my thing, but to give you the short version: our car broke down.  In the end we managed to get help from the manager of the place, he was an absolute lifesaver.  The car problem did however not dampen our spirits and we were determined to have some fun while we were there and here is my little review of the place and the things we got up to.

On their site they describe the place as having a typical old farmstead look and feel and on the inside the elegant interior gives it a modern and stylish twist, which I couldn’t agree with more.  The place also has a bit of history, which you will find on their website as well and which we were informed about by the manager during our sundowner drive.



They have about 11 rooms available and the rooms we stayed in were absolutely gorgeous, it was very spacious, had quite a big bathroom and the rooms have AC as well (definitely a bonus during this very hot summer we have been experiencing in Namibia), plus the decor just adds that extra element to the room.  At night they light up your room with candles and place a bedtime story as well as a little nighttime treat on your bed, which I thought was pretty cool.



There is a large pool that you can cool down in and a beautiful garden that you can relax in, as there are many seating arrangements, as well as day beds that you can lounge on.  There is a bar area, where you can get some drinks by the pool area or you can venture off to the wooden deck area, where you can enjoy your drinks.   They do also offer various game drives and tours and we opted for the sunset drive, which I highly recommend, as you get to see basically all of the animals (Springbok, Eland, Waterbuck, Giraffe, Kudu, Hartebeest, Blesbok, Duiker, Steenbok and Ostrich) plus the sunset as you make your way back, which as you will see in the pictures was breathtaking.  The outlook point where we stopped for some snacks and drinks also had an amazing view of the entire farm.



The staff were very friendly and saw to our every need, they definitely make you feel at home.  Breakfast did come included with our rooms, so we only had to pay for dinner.  Dinner was quite good, we started off with a pumpkin soup (which I actually enjoyed, even though I’m not really a pumpkin fan) and we were then served with a greek salad, some squash, couscous and steak.  My favorite part was the dessert, which was a granadilla mouse.  Breakfast was just as delicious, which is served in a buffet style, if you ever do decide to visit, do yourself a favor and order the Moesikie-Full House Omelette which is filled with cheese, ham, tomato, onions and peppers (it’s absolutely YUM!) which they will make for you on request.


This place is highly recommended if you’re looking to escape the busy life of the city or even just to relax, as it has this crazy ability to make you feel at one with nature again.  You can check out their site here.


But that is it for this post…until next time!

xoxo Lilanie




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