Mini – Vacay: Swakopmund Trip (22 – 25 September 2017)

My brother had a soccer tournament about 2 weeks ago in Swakopmund and we decided to turn it into a little family vacay and I thought I would share what I got up to, as most of my recent posts have consisted of outfit and makeup ideas.  Most of my time there consisted of watching soccer and cheering on my brother from the sidelines, as the weekend was filled with soccer games, but we did however have a little time left to go visit the beach, the aquarium, the snake park, as well as the mall.


We decided to stay at the Swakopmund Municipal Restcamp, as they are conveniently located near the soccer field where my brother was playing, various shops, the beach, as well as the aquarium, plus the prices are very affordable which is definitely an added bonus.  There are various types of accommodation that you can choose from and we decided to go for the one named “Spitzkoppe” (each type has different names), as we were 6 and the Spitzkoppe bungalows accommodates 6 people.   The bungalows are not the biggest or fanciest accommodation that you’ll find in Swakopmund, but they are very comfy and you get the basic amenities needed and I definitely recommend it.  I do however advice making a booking through telephone, as I did it online and when I called to confirm the booking they had no record of it.


National Marine Aquarium of Namibia

The aquarium is situated on Strand street and is walking distance from the Swakopmund Municipal Restcamp.  The opening hours are from 10 am to 4 pm and they are closed on Mondays.  They charge N$ 10 for adults and N$ 5 for kids (for Namibians).  The place is quite small, but there is ample marine life to see and it is definitely worth the visit! My favorite definitely has to be the sting rays.


The Living Desert Snake Park

The snake park is situated on 5 Libertina Amadhila Street and houses a variety of snakes, with very detailed information sheets on every snake.  The entrance fee is N$60 for adults and N$20 for kids (For Namibians) and their opening hours are from 9am – 5pm, with it being closed on Sundays.  This is definitely worth the visit, as you get too see so many species of snakes in one place and you get to learn about each one.  We also got to see some of the snakes feeding, which was a pretty interesting experience.


Swakopmund Jetty

When visiting Swakopmund, a stop at the Jetty is definitely a must.  You can take some amazing pictures and walk on the jetty, while waiting for the sun to set.  There is also a restaurant situated at the jetty, so you can have an early dinner while watching the sun set.  I didn’t get my sunset pictures this time around, as it was pretty windy, foggy and cold and we didn’t want to stick around and wait for the sun to set, but I can assure you it is definitely worth the wait.



Overall it was a pretty awesome, much needed trip to escape the Windhoek heat, as well as studies.  Below are more pictures from the trip.

But that is it for this post…until next time!

xoxo Lilanie



Haven Zoological Park

I visited the Haven Zoological Park a little while back and thought that I would share my experience with you guys.  It is situated on the corner of Kleine Kuppe and Rietfontein Streets in the Kleine Kuppe area in Windhoek, Namibia.  This is the only zoo in Windhoek and was founded by Martin and Julie Wiese.

On arrival you get a feeding bucket from which you can feed the animals.  The zoo also houses a coffee shop, as well as a playground for children.  The first time I visited the zoo was on a school field trip when I was in Grade 11 / 12 and nothing has changed, a few new animals were added, but there were so much more animals to see when I went on my first trip.  I must admit that I was a bit disappointed by this, as I expected to see even more animals this time around.  The zoo does give off more of a farm vibe than an actual zoo, just because there are so few animals and because of the type of animals that they have.  They did however also add a mini golf course, or as we like to call it a “putt – putt” course which was exciting to see, except we couldn’t play, as we got there just before closing time.


These are some of the bird species that can be found at the zoo.


These little fury friends were the highlight of my trip to the zoo.  The little baby rabbits just stole my heart.  On a previous trip to the zoo, my family said that they were allowed to enter the enclosure where the rabbits are, which allowed them to pet and feed the rabbits, but they have however put up a sign that does not permit you to enter the enclosure, which was super disappointing. P.S Excuse the bad quality of the picture.


These monkeys were just interesting to watch.  The big monkey actually has blue balls, I have no idea why this is, but it was a very interesting sight.


I actually found Pumba!!


Overall it was actually a fun outing.  I do however hope that they do a bit of upgrading and add a few more animals to see.  Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for something fun to do with the family; kids will love it and you can play mini – golf after.

But that is it for this post…until next time.

xoxo Lilanie


The Independence Memorial Museum

I recently paid a visit to the Independence Memorial Museum, situated right between the Christus Kirche and the Alte Feste Museum on Robert Mugabe Avenue and thought I would share my thoughts and experiences of this Windhoek – based attraction.

The museum was inaugurated on the 21st of March 2014 to commemorate Namibia’s 24th independence and focuses on the anti – colonial resistance and national liberation struggle of Namibia.

The outside of the building has a very unique and interesting design, with a statue of Namibia’s founding president, Sam Nujoma standing guard in front of the museum.


Three of the four floors that the museum is divided into each depicts a different theme and time of the road leading to Namibia’s independence.  I was very impressed with the artwork and the paintings, as it was beautifully done and so accurately captured the struggles of the Namibian people when they fought for their independence.

(Some of the paintings and artwork that can be found at the museum)

My favorite part of the museum definitely has to be the fourth floor, which features a restaurant with amazing views of the city.  I went during the day, but will definitely have to return during the night time to see the view, which I bet is even more spectacular.


I do however wish they had local guides who knew about the history of Namibia and could incorporate little stories about the past to make it a little more interesting and fun, especially for children who don’t really care to read the little descriptions placed all around the museum.  Also, not everyone knows the history of Namibia, and the guides would be better able to give a bit of a background on the exhibits displayed.

The amazing artwork and paintings, breathtaking views from the fourth floor and the fact that it is entirely free to visit however definitely make it worth the visit, so be sure to check it out!

Until next time

xoxo Lilanie