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Instagrammable Spots in Abu Dhabi

I recently read an interesting article which stated that people are most likely to travel to destinations if they are able to take Instagram – worthy pictures at said place.  This just shows how much the digital world has taken over our lives, especially social media sites, such as Instagram.  I do however feel that Instagram is not as bad as some would make it out to be, because sometimes I too use Instagram to look for recommendations on places to visit and things to see, because there are pictures available before you go, to actually see if it’s worthwhile and whether it really might be for you.  The advantages and disadvantages of social media sites are however a conversation for another day.  Today’s post will highlight spots in Abu Dhabi that are Instagram – worthy.

The Louvre

Yes, you read right, Abu Dhabi actually has its very own Louvre, which is an art and civilization museum and any architecture and art fanatic’s dream.  Although there are many spots to take pictures at, I mean the place does consist of 23 galleries and an amazing garden- like area just before the entrance, the dome ceiling is however what attracts everybody to this stunning structure and with good reason, it is breathtakingly beautiful.  I did a full review on the place, which you can check out here.


Emirates Palace

Be ready to feel like royalty when stepping into this majestical place, I mean it’s not called a palace for nothing.  There are so many Instagram worthy shots that you will be able to take here, the palace itself makes for a pretty stunning background and turning just in the opposite direction, you will have the Etihad Towers as your backdrop, which if you are not familiar with, is the structure where Vin Diesel drives through three towers in the Fast and Furious 7 movie.




Heritage Village

Looking for more of a pre- modernized Abu Dhabi?  Then make your way to the Heritage Village, where you can get some cool vintage looking pictures with more of the traditional aspect of what Abu Dhabi has to offer, like a souk (market) and a museum depicting artifacts from different eras.  There is also a stunning beach with spectacular views of the city in the background, which will definitely have people double tapping on your picture.



Founder’s Memorial

Even though I did not get the opportunity to visit the place, as they had construction going on, it definitely still makes my list, mostly because of the constellation that makes up Sheikh Zayed’s face and is definitely the most photographed area at this site, simply because it’s so beautiful.

Corniche Promenade

The Corniche Beach is probably not the prettiest beach in Abu Dhabi, but it is still beautiful with pretty blue waters and I absolutely love the corniche promenade, which is a waterfront area which includes children’s play areas, cycle and pedestrian pathways, cafés and restaurants.  You’ll be able to capture some stunning pictures here, especially when the sun is going down.


Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is probably the most photographed place in Abu Dhabi and visiting it will soon make you realize why.  The place is simply magical from its architecture to its stunning views and more so during the night time.  I did a full review on this place as well, which you can check out here.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking now.


Ferrari World

Ferrari World has a lot to offer its visitors, from the fastest rollercoaster to some pretty awesome Instagram worthy spots.  My favorite part about the park though is feeling like I’m in Italy, mostly because I’ve never been, but this gives me a little taste of what Italy might feel like, with pretty Italian styled restaurants offering pizza and crepes, street painters, cute bookshops and a fountain.  The pictures down below will give you some ideas of locations where you can take pictures.

Warner Bros

The Warner Bros theme park is a new addition to Abu Dhabi and based on the Warner Bros and DC Comics Characters.  There are plenty of spaces to take some really cool pictures; the whole park is basically Instagram worthy.  There are also plenty of characters roaming the park at all times that you can take some cool shots with.


Yas Beach

I love the whole vibe of Yas Beach.  It offers white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning views.  You can also chill on a sun lounger while sipping on a drink and smoking shishah and this right in front of the beach.  All this combined will definitely make for some Instagram worthy shots and have you feel like you’re on a tropical gateway.

Yas Marina

There are so many spots at Yas Marina where you can get cool shots and the place itself is just aesthetically pleasing.  One of these places is this big wall that is covered in the prettiest graffiti, which is the perfect backdrop for your Instagram pictures.  The next Instagram worthy spot is definitely the big white #Yas Island sign; it makes for some pretty cool pictures.  The musical water fountain also makes for some cute and fun pictures.  Be sure to check out my full review on Yas Marina right here.




But that is it for this post; I really do hope that it was helpful, until next time!

xoxo Lilanie.


Fall Cut Crease Makeup Look

Hey guys, I’m back with another fall makeup look.  For this look I decided to try out the very popular cut crease technique.  I do think that I need more practice with creating cut crease looks, but I do love how this look turned out.  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my simple everyday fall makeup tutorial here.  Without further ado, here is how you can create this look:

For the majority of this look I used the LA Girl NudePalette.  I will be starting off with the eye makeup look first and then covering the face makeup.


The Eye Makeup

I started off by filling in my eyebrows with the Essence Eyebrow Designer Pencil in the shade 02 (Dark Brown)

I then applied Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer all over my eyelid to prep my eyes and then set the concealer with some powder.

I started off by applying this pinkish brown shade in the crease area and extending it upwards.  It’s the 4th color in the Palette.

I then took this dark brown color from the HD Nude 03 Palette and used it to sort of define the cut crease.  I just applied this in the crease area.  It’s the 2nd last color in the Palette.

Next, I went in with this very dark brown shimmer color, it’s almost black and added this to the crease area as well, to just add a little bit more definition.  It’s the 2nd last color in the Palette.

I then used my concealer to sculpt out my crease area.


To set and brighten the cut crease area, I used this white shade.  It’s the 1st color in the Palette.

I have not perfected the gel liner look yet, so instead I went in with that very dark brown shade from earlier and just used this as a substitute just above my upper lash line.

After I finished my face makeup, I went back to my eyes and just put a bit of that deep dark brown shade under my lower lash line.  I then added the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara to my bottom lashes as well.


The Face Makeup

I started off by using the Avon Ideal Flawless Concealer Stick, which is in the shade neutralizing green to cover up the imperfections.

I then applied my foundation and used the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the shade 220 (Natural Beige).

I then went in with my concealer and used the Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer in the shade Nude.

To set my foundation I used the Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in the shade 220 (Natural Beige)

I then did my contour with the Absolute New York Pro Contour Palette and used the highlighter in the Palette as well to highlight my face.

I then finished off the look by applying the Essence Purple Power Matt Lipstick on my lips.





And that concludes this makeup look; I really hope you enjoyed this post.

Until next time!

xoxo Lilanie



Garnier Pure Active Charcoal 3-in-1 Review


Skincare is an important part of one’s everyday routine, which includes applying face masks at least 1-3 times a week.  Face masks are the perfect solution to all your skin care concerns, from transforming your Sahara desert looking skin to a more hydrated glowing finish.  It can also remove excess oils, help unclog your pores and help improve the appearance of your pores.  Now that you know why you need a face mask, finding one that works is the next step.  To help you with that, today’s post will be a review on the Garnier Pure Active Charcoal 3-in-1.


The Pure Active Charcoal is a 3-in-1 product, which means you can use it in 3 different ways, as a wash, scrub or a mask.  I love charcoal masks as it has been said to have many benefits.  One of it being that it penetrates deep into your skin to clean out excess oil and bacteria.  It also exfoliates to open pores and get rid of the gunk clogged inside.  The product is said to contain Salicylic Acid, which is an antibacterial active, which purifies the skin and removes dirt and impurities.  It is also enriched with Charcoal, and Blueberry Extract to help control shine.


The product consists of a black, clay-like consistency, with little exfoliating particles that help to unclog pores and reduce blackheads.


I do use it as both a scrub and a mask.  The product is simple and easy to use and after washing, leaves the skin soft and clean.  When using it as a mask, it does say to leave it on for 5 minutes, but I do feel that it’s not completely dry at that point, so I usually leave it on until it’s completely dry and then rinse it off, so in total I’d probably leave it on for 10 minutes.  You will also feel a bit of a cooling effect on your skin, but that’s just the product doing its work.  When washing it off, it does create a bit of a mess, as it does have a black color and your sink can get pretty messy pretty fast, but that’s usually the case with most charcoal masks.


I love this product, because of its affordable price and versatility, I mean I get to buy a product that I can use in 3 different ways, in my books that is definitely a win.  Like I’ve mentioned before, it does leave your skin feeling soft and clean.  I immediately notice the difference after I’ve done a mask, it feels like all the unnecessary gunk and pollution has been removed from my skin.  I also really just love when a product actually does what it says it’s supposed to.  The product does however have a strong smell, it’s not a bad smell at all, I actually like it, but I do know that it would not be everyone’s cup of tea, so if you are not a fan of fragrance masks, this product might not be for you.

You can find the product for *R120 at Clicks and *R79.95 (they have a special at the moment) at Dischem, which is definitely value for your money, as this will last you quite a long time.  The Garnier Pure Active Charcoal 3-in-1 is definitely a gem, as it leaves my skin feeling soft, super refreshed and clean and therefore I would highly recommend it.

*Please note that these are the current prices stated on the respective websites.

But that is it for this post, do let me know if you have any questions or any suggestions on future posts.

Until next time!

xoxo Lilanie

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Affordable stores in the UAE

When one thinks of the UAE, glitz and glamour is usually some of the terms that come to mind, which means pricey, exclusive stores which come at a cost.  This is however not entirely true, as the UAE has its fair share of pricey stores, but with it some affordable ones as well, if you know where to look.  I have compiled a list of stores where you can get your shop on and not have to break the bank while doing so.

American Eagle Outfitters

This is one of my favorite stores, because it usually has the style of clothing I’m looking for and although it might be a bit pricey at times, they usually have sales where you can get great steals for both men and women.  You can find this store at almost all the malls, such as Yas Mall, Marina Mall and The Dubai Mall.


Carrefour is the Walmart of the UAE.  It is a hypermarket, which you will find at most malls.  You can basically find anything here, from skincare and beauty products, food and daily needs to clothing items (See? This is basically Walmart).


This store is another favorite of mine and also featured at most malls.  They have a variety of brands, such as Babyshop, Splash, Shoe Mart and Lifestyle.  They also have a variety of different styles of clothes, as well as beauty brands, shoes and homeware stuff.  My favorite thing from Centrepoint though has to be their Splash Jeans; they’re comfortable, as well as affordable.


Collezione offers stylish, trendy and distinctive fashion items for both men and women at affordable prices.  They are however not found at all the malls, but you can find them at Yas Mall on Yas Island.


H&M is a well-known store amongst many and although some items may be a bit expensive, they do have sales as well where you can find some amazing deals.  Do however head over to H&M Details at Yas Mall, where they constantly have crazy sales.  Clothing items here are however limited, but they have shoes, jewelry, underwear, swimwear and accessories on sale at all times.

Max Fashions

The Max store always gives me a Mr Price vibe (a store which can be found in Namibia and South Africa).  They have some good finds at very affordable prices.  Also, if you’re looking for workout wear, I’d suggest heading over there for some affordable pieces.


Redtag is another popular store that can be found in most malls.  They have cute, affordable clothes suitable for everyone from mom and dad to the kiddies.

Forever 21

Another very popular store in so many countries and with good reason, Forever 21 has the up to date fashion items everyone is looking for.  If you’re in the UAE, head over to the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi or The Dubai Mall.

Brands for less

You can find this store at the Abu Dhabi Mall and it features big brands such as Nike and Adidas, but also general smaller brands for less than they would usually cost.  It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re on a tight budget, but want to stay on trend.

Daiso Japan

Here you can find everything from stationery to cosmetics to household goods for the cheapest prices.  I love this store, because you can simply get lost in all it has to offer.

Day to Day Store

The day to day stores has everything that one could possibly need, from school and office supplies to toys, kitchenware, clothes, as well as appliances all at very affordable prices.


Deira is known as the oldest part of Dubai and features different types of souks, everything from perfumes to electrical appliances and hair.  These souks or markets features a variety of different shops that each sell different or sometimes the same items.  This is your chance to improve on or learn some bargaining skills.

I really do hope that this post has been helpful in making shopping in the UAE a little bit easier, because I know how overwhelming it can be to go to a new country and have no idea which shops to go to or where to find items that would not cost an arm and a leg and to find places that are sometimes secluded from the well-known tourist areas.

But that is it for this post…until next time!

xoxo Lilanie




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Marina Mall and Surrounding Attractions

Marina Mall

The Marina Mall is probably one of the most interesting places I’ve stumbled upon in Abu Dhabi, because there is just so much to do in the surrounding areas as well.  It is located along the breakwater on Corniche road.  Right across you can find the Marina Eye Ferris Wheel, where you can enjoy unparalleled views of the city.  Within walking distance, you can also find the Emirates Palace, the Marina, Heritage Village, Founder’s Memorial, Corniche Promenade and the famous Etihad Towers (remember the scene where Vin Diesel drives through three towers in Fast and Furious 7? Well these are the towers that were featured in the movie.)


Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace is a luxury five star hotel that opened its doors in November 2005.  Upon stepping into this magnificent structure, you will feel like royalty, it’s not called a palace for nothing.  The construction costs were about 3 billion USD, which makes it the third most expensive hotel built in the world.  Admission to the Emirates Palace is free, but you will only be able to access the lobby and exhibition areas, the other areas such as the gardens, private beach and rooms are reserved for hotel guests.  The pictures do not even do this place justice and there are so many areas where you can take that Instagram worthy shot.


Heritage Village

Want an authentic UAE experience? Then make your way to the Heritage Village, where you will experience the traditional aspects of the UAE, as well as be transported back in time to a pre-modernized Abu Dhabi.  The Heritage Village features a souk (which is a market), a mosque, an encampment and a little museum, where you can view different artifacts from different times.  There is no entrance fee to visit the Heritage Village and it is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm, except on Fridays when it operates from 3:30 pm to 9 pm.  Do however expect to share this place with a bunch of other tourists as it is quite popular.  My favorite part about this place though is the beach area, which has spectacular views of the city in the distance.


Founder’s Memorial

The Founder’s Memorial is a monument and visitor center, which pays tribute to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who was the first president of the UAE.  I unfortunately did not manage to visit this place, as they had some construction going on at the time we visited.  The Founder’s Memorial however consists of a memorial, heritage garden, constellation (which makes up Zayed’s face) and a visitor center.  The most interesting part of this place definitely has to be the constellation and is the most popular picture you will see when searching for this place on the web.   The Founder’s Memorial is open daily from 9 am to 10 pm and is free to visit.

Etihad Towers

The Etihad Towers is a complex of buildings with five towers and is featured in Fast and Furious 7, when Vin Diesel does the epic stunt of driving through three towers. The towers feature offices, apartments and a hotel and offer some Instagram worthy opportunities.



Corniche Promenade

The Corniche Promenade spreads across eight kilometers of waterfront area which includes children’s play areas, cycle and pedestrian pathways, cafés and restaurants and a stunning Corniche Public Beach.  It is definitely a place for the whole family to visit and because it is stretched along such a large area, you have enough space to roam around freely.


If you ever find yourself in Abu Dhabi, I would highly recommend checking out the Marina Mall and its surrounding areas, as there is so much to do and enjoy.


But that is it for this post…until next time!

xoxo Lilanie